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cosplay cuties corrupted after con

Cosplay Cuties Corrupted After Con 1

You meet two amateur cosplayers at an anime convention and they like you enough to invite you back to their house to hang out some more after walking around all day. Leila and Puck are fawning over all the hot lewd cosplayers they saw at convention, wishing they had the confidence to dress that slutty in public. Puck tells Leila that she could totally be a lewd cosplay girl. Wouldn’t you agree? She’d be just as hot as all of those other girls. You’d love to see both of them stripped down to next to nothing depicting your favorite anime characters. It’s a little hot in their room and Puck wants to strip out of her cosplay. Leila is feeling hot too, but hesitant to take off her jacket in front of a stranger because she doesn’t want to get too lewd. “You don’t mind do you?” Leila asks before shyly stripping out of her jacket. Puck starts teasing you and Leila, talking about how hot she is to coax her out of her clothes. Your lust is starting to bring out the inner sluts from these two shy cosplayers. They want to see just how lewd they can be for you. This is what those lewd cosplay girls do with their boyfriends all the time isn’t it? If they can do this for you, surely they have what it takes to dress up in sexy cosplays. Leila sucks Pucks nipples, they flash you their big round butts and spread Leila’s ass for you while begging you to touch yourself for them. They can’t believe they’re doing this, and with a total stranger too! They want you to jerk off for them while they touch themselves for you. They want to feel you shoot your hot load onto them! They want to be covered in cum! You want to cum on Leila’s pussy? She’s more than happy to accept your yummy tribute. Leila cums covered in your load fingering it into herself and Puck gets so turned on she cums herself. Who would have thought these shy girls could be so slutty? featuring Little Puck, find her work here Tags: pantyhose, tights, striped panties, full back panies, stockings, thigh highs, MHA, my hero academia, himi toga, ochako ochaco uraraka, cosplayers, anime convention, roleplay, fingering, cum shot, fake cum, cum lube, ass spreading, fingering, rubbing, nipple sucking, nipple play, uniforms, corruption, jerk off encouragement

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